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Frequently Asked Questions, Answered Here

Ourfactmine Invest Coinage provides a variety of advanced tools for both trading and cloud cryptocurrency mining thereby guaranteeing maximum profitability for all your investments.

Your funds are a priority and we have put I several measure to ensure that all funds are insured and protected, we have also put anti-theft, anti-fraud and anti-money laundry systems in place to ensure the a safe trading & investment platform.

We offer a variety of deposit options. Please register to see all available methods.

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency, which is an alternative form of payment created using encryption algorithms.

Foreign exchange, or forex, is the global market of the world’s currencies, where the values of different currencies are pitted against each other in the form of forex pairs, such as EUR/USD, AUD/JPY, etc. The forex market determines the exchange rates of each currency.

Stock indices measure the value of a group of companies in the stock market. This allows investors to see how a particular set of assets is performing.

Digital options allow you to predict the price movement of underlying assets without actually owning them. With digital options, you open a position based on your prediction, with a set duration that closes your position automatically. You'll earn a profit if your position is closed when the price is in your favour.
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